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Video games these days are ridiculous. Today, we have everything from plumbers who run around eating unknown mushrooms and flowers to entire towns full of simulated people. Are there any true heroes left to save the day? You'd be hard-pressed to find one.

But then there's Megaman. Megaman has been taking on bad guys for years, armed only with his arm cannon and his blue underwear. For close to twenty years, Megaman has been saving the world from Dr. Wily's evil robots.

Please note that while Megaman was originally an 8-bit NES game, I've tried to hunt down 16-bit graphics of all the characters. I may add a page of all the 8-bit characters as they were, but for now, enjoy the prettier ones.

Also note: there are things called spoilers. I don't quite know what they are, but whenever I start talking about the plot, people on message boards start yelling about them. If you don't like spoilers, these pages are full of them. However, if you realize that Megaman plots are almost nonexistant, you should be fine.

The Regulars

These are the guys that are in all or most of the Megaman games. That means they have actual characters, not just gimmick weapons in their arms.

The star of the show. While he started out as a little blue robot with a pot belly, he's developed many skills over the years, including the ability to slide and the ability to spin like a top. Considering he was built as a janitorial robot, that's pretty good.

One of the original names for Megaman was Rainbowman, based on how he can change colors when he collects different powers from the robot masters he beats. I'm very glad that they didn't go with that, because I'm not sure that anyone would rally behind a superhero named Rainbowman. I mean, they might as well call him Pansy-Sissyman. Also, I don't think a character named Rainbowman who ran around in underwear would be suitable for children.

Dr. Light
Dr. Light is the guy who started all this mess. He built Megaman, so he deserves credit for that. But his career went downhill from there. Light is the one that built the first slew of robot masters (the ones in Megaman 1). Wily, based on the ideas he got from that first slew of robots, built his own robots and the Megaman series continued. Basically, Megaman's whole life is devoted to correcting his maker's mistakes. If you ask me, I think this whole "Wily-is-a-mad-scientist" thing is a cover-up for Dr. Light's mistakes.

Dr. Wily
The bad guy! Ooooh! Wily is always the bad guy. In one game, he's working alongside Dr. Light to build a new robot defense force, but then—SURPRISE!—he turns out to be evil. In one game, a mysterious man shows up and tries to conquer the world, but then—SURPRISE!—it's really Wily. The really funny thing is that he goes to jail at the end of every Megaman game. You'd think they'd learn how to keep him locked up, but he always manages to escape somehow.

Wily's plan for world domination consists of building super-powerful robots and locking them in little rooms where they won't hurt anybody except Megaman. Sounds like a plan to me. Just once, I'd like to see the robot masters attack someone other than Megaman. Just once! I don't care if they attack each other. In fact, that'd be pretty cool. But all they ever do is wait for Megaman to barge in and kick their tail. Sadly, Wily seems to do the same thing. Not very bright for an evil genius. But then again, eccentricity is the father of... something.

Megaman's sister. If you're wondering why she has the name Roll, it's because Megaman was originally named Rockman (he's still named Rockman in Japan). Rock and Roll. Get it? She was also built as a janitorial robot. Unfortunately, she is still a janitorial robot. So Megaman gets stuck saving the world by himself, but at least Dr. Light has a really clean house.

Megaman's younger brother. Protoman = Prototype. Get it? However, unlike Megaman, Protoman was actually built as a battle robot. That's why he looks infinitely cooler than Megaman. And, as you can plainly see, Protoman wears his underwear inside his pants. I don't know why they decided to change that after the prototype. The only difference was that Megaman spent all his time all alone in a house with Dr. Light, I don't see why he'd need to run around in his... Oh my Lord...

And if you're wondering why he doesn't have a musical name (like Rock and Roll), he does—his Japanese name is Blues. Seems like a more fitting name for Megaman, but that's okay.

Megaman's trusted robo-dog. However, unlike normal dogs, this dog can transform into anything from a giant spring with a dog's head to a submarine with a dog's head to a flying jet with a dog's head. In later games, Rush can transform into giant boxing gloves for Megaman or a giant shield for him to carry around. I never really got why they needed to make him a dog. Why not just a jet, or some boxing gloves? Then again, before Rush came around, they just called items Item 1, Item 2, or sometimes Item 3. I never really got why they come up with such bad names for these games.

Megaman's... uh... cat. His (her?) abilities involve rolling up into a little ball and running around the room, knocking off enemies. If you think that's a special ability, try bringing a cat to your next party and throwing it headfirst at one of your dinner guests. It'll do pretty much the same thing.

Eddie (Fliptop)
A funny little robot built for one purpose: to drop in from time to time and give Megaman some sort of power-up. Sometimes, those power-ups are great, like extra lives or spare energy tanks; sometimes, those power-ups suck, and you scream at Eddie as he teleports off into the sky: "You cheap bastard!! I'm trying to save the world and this is all the thanks I get??!"

It seems that Eddie can teleport anywhere—you frequently encounter him under vast layers of metal and concrete or up in outer space. I guess it never occurred to Dr. Light to send him somewhere like Wily's castle with something like a bomb. Sucks to be Megaman, I guess.

Megaman's robot attack bird. To get Beat, you usually have to collect letters—either the letters in his name or something weird, like "MEGAMAN V."